Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of Moz, board member at presentation software startup Haiku Deck, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, and co-founder of Inbound.org. Rand’s an unsaveable addict of all things content, search, & social on the web.

In this episode Rand will teach you:

  • [00:54] What are Whiteboard Friday videos about and how they made Rand an online influencer?
  • [01:52] Why should marketers focus on building relationships rather than being tactical?
  • [02:00] Challenges marketers face
  • [02:25] How not to be tempted to give tactical advice instead of a strategic one?
  • [03:33] What does a wizard do at Moz?
  • [04:15] Separate tracks for individual contributors and people managers – structure at Moz
  • [05:23] Why managing people should not be a prerequisite for having a great career in marketing?
  • [06:17] How are marketers at Moz measured?
  • [07:30] Top of funnel metrics
  • [08:00] Bottom and middle of the funnel metrics
  • [08:36] How to break down marketing channels to focus on?
  • [14:00] Best days of the week for social engagement?
  • [15:20] Rand’s marketing failures
  • [18:11] How does Rand use speaking gigs as a marketing tool?
  • [21:00] How to create a great speech and be the one everyone is talking about?
  • [22:16] How to prioritize which events are worth attending?

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