Reddit Advertising has been plagued with a bunch of articles that go over how bad their ad is, and how hard it is to earn any return on investment on them. So, I took $50 and tested 4 Reddit ads over 1 week. Here are the results…

I spend $50 in Reddit Advertising and here are the results:

This is a small conclusion out of this experience:

We ran four ads simultaneously at Reddit using Mike Taylor’s nomenclature, which is the following (we will also include the ads shown in the video):

  • Question Ad Copy: Want higher quality clients for your mobile app agency?
  • Long-form Ad Copy: I’ve found most digital agencies focus so much on growing clients that they forget about their own marketing, so I came up with a solution. X27 is basically an outsourced CMO focused on growing leads for digital agencies. Interested?
  • Loss-aversion Ad Copy: Only 8 spots left – we work with some of the top digital agencies in the word to grow their leads. Will you be left behind?
  • Highly Specific Ad Copy: Agencies that are active on Dribbble typically see 10-14 qualified leads per month from that channel. Find out how we can help grow your Dribbble account.

We choose the “Art & Design” category for this experiment.

The results were the following:

  • Question Ad Copy: 688 clicks, 1 up vote, 0 comments.
  • Long-Form Ad Copy: 462 clicks, 0 up votes, 0 comments.
  • Highly Specific Ad Copy: 320 clicks (another similar got 790 clicks), 2 up votes, 0 comments. However, it received $94.35 worth of impressions for a $12.50 budget!
  • Video (extra): 706 clicks, 1 up vote, 0 comments.
  • Loss-Aversion Ad Copy: the most hated on Reddit (a user called it a “click bait”), which got 6 comments.

I consider the investment as a decent way to spend $50 because we got many impressions for a low budget. Nevertheless, I think that Reddit Advertising is in trouble because it didn’t perform well when it comes to conversions (0 leads).

That’s all for now, there will be another Reddit experiment in the future so be sure to check it out.

This experiment went so great that I made another video explaining how I spend $200 in Reddit Ads with a real example.

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