Robert Indries is the newly appointed CEO of X27 Marketing. In this episode Alex and Robert go over how they made that decision, how Robert’s first 3 months as CEO went, they look back at Q3 of 2017 and cast the vision for the upcoming year.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:55] When was Robert appointed as CEO of x27?
  • [01:55] What were some of the issues Robert encountered when he took over?
  • [04:20] What was the biggest change Robert made as CEO?
  • [06:00] How did Robert solve the problem of some clients not paying x27?
  • [08:55] What does Alex see as Robert’s greatest strength?
  • [11:30] How Robert makes sure that great employees don’t leave x27?
  • [13:10] How does x27 approach hiring and firing?
  • [17:05] How did x27 adjust their sales commission rates?
  • [19:29] How did Robert handle and fire a bad hire?
  • [21:30] Where does Robert see x27 going in the next year?
  • [25:00] How much does Alex communicate with the rest of the team since Robert was appointed CEO?
  • [27:30] How having a PA helped Robert?
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