Ryan Kulp is the founder of Fomo, a social proof marketing platform that showcases recent customer behaviors to increase conversions and turn your website into the thriving piece of real estate it is. He’s also a full-time indie rock musician, whose new album South of Market debuted April 2017.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [00:40] How did Ryan come up with an elevator pitch for Fomo?
  • [01:30] Origin story of Fomo
  • [02:40] What does Fomo do?
  • [03:03] Why did Ryan decide to rebuild the software after buying it instead of building it from scratch?
  • [04:50] Ryan’s history with the agency world – how did the 6 months prior to buying the software look like
  • [11:15] Ryan’s preference between running an agency or creating SaaS based product
  • [16:14] What did the acquisition process of Fomo look like?
  • [22:30] How did Ryan finance the deal?
  • [24:30] How to approach something you haven’t done before?
  • [26:15] How long did it take for Fomo to get profitable?

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