Savvas Zortikis is the co-founder & CEO of Viral Loops, a venture-backed viral and referral marketing platform for building referral campaigns, ambassador programs, viral competitions, and sweepstakes. Their main focus is to help founders and marketers get more customers through viral marketing and word of mouth. Savvas is also the co-founder of a growth marketing agency GrowthRocks.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:50] Quick overview of ViralLoops
  • [02:25] Why didn’t Savvas stick with his agency?
  • [03:50] How did Savvas get his first clients for Viraloops?
  • [04:45] How did Savvas balance running an agency and building a product around it?
  • [05:51] What is ViralLoops’ top channel for finding new clients?
  • [07:50] How Savvas creates great content?
  • [10:12] What is Savvas’ end goal?
  • [13:45] What’s the dynamic between Savvas and his former co-founder?
  • [14:50] How do Savvas’ day-to-day activities look like?
  • [17:06] Why did Savvas decide to raise money?
  • [18:07] Is it worth raising money?
  • [23:30] Who were ViralLoops’ first hires?
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