Scott Britton is the co-founder of Troops. Troops is the first Slackbot for Sales Teams that makes it easy to use CRM data and configure workflow to do your job. They’ve raised $9.6m to date.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:10] What can Troops help you with?
  • [03:10] Which sales model they use at Troops?
  • [04:30] How did they adapt the bottom-up model over the top-down one?
  • [05:08] Ideal model to sell Software?
  • [07:02] How to execute that on the marketing side?
  • [08:23] How to execute that on the sales side?
  • [09:47] How did Scott switch from relying on cold email to focusing on inbound?
  • [12:25] How to optimize the middle of the funnel and how to convert leads to users?
  • [14:17] How to execute efficient demo on-boarding strategy?
  • [16:30] How to deal with going back and forth with engineering?
  • [17:26] Questions they use for their customer feedback log
  • [19:10] How do you go from 1 user to building a company when you have a target account identified?
  • [22:00] How to make your sales process contingent upon creation of value?

Find Scott here:

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