Stelli Efti is the founder of and one of the up and coming influencers in Silicon Valley when it comes to cold emailing and selling SaaS (software as a service) products.

In this video I run through some of Efti best tactics and give some solid take aways you can use for selling SaaS in B2B or general startups.

Let’s jump to it!

4 Tips from Steli Efti in selling SaaS:

#1: Never Stop Following Up

You should never stop until get a YES or NO answer. Silence is not a sign of rejection, maybe it is a sign that they’re busy.

#2: Acquire The Right Customers

You can have 1000 of clients but if they’re not the right type of customer that your business need, you will spend to much time and energy trying to sell to them. Choose the best customer, those who are more interested in what you are offering.

#3: Be Friendly and Strong

Don’t be afraid to say NO to customers.  If they wouldn’t get value from what your offer. Even of you are the one who send the cold email and get in touch with them.

You have to help people but taking a strong position with your business.

#4: Answer All Support Emails Yourself

Do not let other people respond to these customer who have problems with your product.

Not only on email or on the phone, you should try to contact them in person. You can stop by and ask how are they (specially if you have a small business).


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