Today I want to show you the exact email template which has a book rate of ~15%. I’ll also share with you the cold email script I used to find my clients and get referrals.

Most of our sales still come from cold emails, which is completely opposite of most agencies who get a lot of sales from referrals (the #1 channel).

I will probably have to change all of these cold lead email templates after this. However, they’re so valuable that they deserved to be shared with you.

So, here we go, the only cold email tutorial you’ll need:

How to Get Clients with My Cold Email Template:

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How We Send Cold Emails to Get Clients | Step by Step Tutorial w/ Templates

Cold Email 6:31: min

As you can see below, It all starts with the lead generation document. I like to go into Google Sheets and create a few different columns:

Tutorial: This is my cold email template to get more clients

You’ll also want to write your sample cold email, here is mine:

Alex Berman’s Cold Email Script

Subject: Question about <company>

“Hey <name>!

I came across <company> on >channel> and I’m seriously impressed with what you’re doing, congrats on working with <portfolio item>! I run x27 and I’m in charge of growing the number of clients agencies like <company> get.

We do this by putting together a team of specialist marketers with interest and experience in your niche. So in the case of <company>, we’d get the best in design and development to sky-rocket the number of clients you get – even if you don’t have a gazillion dollars to spend on marketing.

Our service has been carefully designed and tested rigorously so firms like yours can sky-rocket their inbound leads. To date, we’ve helped our clients to reach over $10 million worth of business.

I’d love to learn what you’re doing right now to find clients- you’re structured very closely to our other agency clients- I’m sure we can help you double or triple the amount of client you’re getting ( Just as we helped Dom & Tom to get McDonald’s as a client in less than a month – We’re also working with Fueled, Faction, Bluewhale & Maxburst).

If you’re ready to get more clients, just get in touch with me directly and I’ll set up a quick call 🙂 I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about agency marketing.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

p.s. I love your website- it’s really slick!”

– Alex Berman’s Cold Lead Email Template

We have a few different points we customize in the cold email template, like company name, first name and the channel you found them on. As you can see in the picture above, I found all those guys on Dribble.

Go and Find Your Clients

You go to where your clients are; if you’re looking for restaurants, it might be Yelp; if you’re looking for financial consulting firms, maybe it’s a Forbes list.

Find the channel where these guys hang out, even if it is a big list of clients and copy-paste that into your channel section in the doc.

Next, you want to find some things that people can relate.

Hence, I got columns with company name, website, the name of the person you’re contacting (who might be the CEO, director or founder of the company) along with his/her email, and a portfolio item.

Now you go to the channels where your clients hang out. In this case, I’m using Dribbble, so I create an account there to find new people.

Explore the channel and start putting on stock the contacts you want or need. I decided to send 40 cold emails, so I added 40 companies and their websites to the list.

Tutorial: This is my cold email template to get more clients

As you can see, we still have three things to fill: Name, Email and Portfolio item.

So, how do we get the name of the contact?

Let Web Tools Help You in Your Inquiry

First, start opening their websites on different tabs (you can use a plugin like I did on the video) and generally you’ll find the names you want on their landing pages.

Second, just explore the website for portfolio items and for the emails. I try to find out their first and last names by visiting their social networks or something like that.

Then, I use a tool called Email Hunter, which lets me type the URL of the company, and it will show me if any of their emails are posted online. After you do that with all contacts, use your cold email template, fill in the blanks and press send!

And that was our whole cold email tutorial process. I hope you enjoyed it.

Just so you know, the send from this specific video was 40 emails, and I got 7 meetings on the calendar for a meeting book rate of 17.5%. It also already generated way over $10.000 in revenue.

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