Evan Horowitz is a co-founder at Marquee Branding, where he produces social media experiences or brands based on original song, dance and rhythm. Evan also enables his clients at Evan Horowitz Advising to achieve 30 – 300% revenue growth within 12 months. And by applying the tools he teaches, Evan quadrupled his own revenue in one year. Evan also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:08] How to use free events to get leads?
  • [02:00] How did Evan come across speaking as a marketing channel?
  • [03:03] Different strategies for finding speaking gigs?
  • [03:46] How to identify groups of people to speak to?
  • [04:30] Listen to find out which company is open to hosting speakers and events
  • [05:03] How to think about concepts when pitching yourself to speak?
  • [05:54] An example of how Evan frames his talks
  • [07:50] How to come up with a great title for the talk?
  • [09:04] How to get the right people to come to the event?
  • [10:21] How to structure a talk so that it gives you the most ROI at the end of it?
  • [12:45] How to structure a lead generation form for an event?
  • [14:35] What are you teaching and what aren’t you teaching in a talk?
  • [16:10] How is Evan acquiring his clients?
  • [16:40] When is the right time to ask for referrals and how to structure the ask?
  • [18:43] If you want to jump into speaking what’s a good first step for you?

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