Victor Antonio is a business keynote speaker who had a 20 year career as a top sales executive and became President of Global Sales and Marketing for a $420M company. As Vice President of International Sales in a Fortune 500 $3B corporation at the time, he was selected from over 500 sales managers to join the President’s Advisory Council for excellence in sales and management. He has shared the stage with top business speakers: Paul Otellini (CEO of Intel), John May (CEO of FedEx Kinkos) and more. He’s the author of 13 books on sales and motivation and recently launched the Sales Mastery Academy learning platform with 300+ videos.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:20] How did Victor get a chance to host a show on Spike
  • [06:04] How did Victor create his speaking and teaching style
  • [08:30] How Victor prepares to record his YouTube videos
  • [11:47] What is Victor’s biggest marketing channel
  • [13:00] Why business owners need to create videos
  • [15:28] How to make sure your videos generate a ROI
  • [17:10] Never aim for perfection, aim for success
  • [17:40] How Victor prepares for his TV show
  • [21:30] What’s Victor’s process for learning
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