Wade Foster is the co-founder of Y-Combinator startup Zapier. Zapier lets SaaS users create integrations that push data between hundreds of best-in-breed web applications without having to write any code or wrangle APIs.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:55] What does Wade do on a daily basis at Zapier?
  • [01:30] What changes when you scale up a company?
  • [03:00] How to adjust to a new role in your company?
  • [04:20] What was surprising to Wade as he grew Zapier?
  • [05:20] How Wade learns more from others and less from his own mistakes?
  • [06:30] Why did Wade get a CEO coach?
  • [09:20] What is Wade working on with his coach?
  • [11:40] How to implement hard changes in a company?
  • [12:45] How “don’t hire ’till it hurts” philosophy evolved at Zapier?
  • [14:15] How to prioritize what positions to hire for?
  • [17:45] Who was Wade’s first VP hire?
  • [18:58] How does Wade approach marketing?
  • [21:00] What is Zapier’s top marketing channel?
  • [23:25] How did Zapier form its first partnership?
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