Wes Schaeffer, also known as “The Sales Whisperer,” is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, a father, author, coach, keynote speaker to Fortune 500 companies, marketing expert, copywriter and Infusionsoft Consultant.

Nothing happens until a sale is made. A sale cannot be made until a prospect has been identified. A prospect cannot be identified until a business owner informs the marketplace that they are in business with a valuable offering. Each step must be carefully crafted and integrated and then automated in order to create a business that sustains you vs. a service that drains you. Wes help companies build all of that.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:22] Biggest mistakes sales managers make when building a team?
  • [02:10] The difference between recruiting vs hiring sales people?
  • [04:55] Benchmark to judge your salespeople by?
  • [07:17] How to monitor sales activity?
  • [08:00] When and how would you figure out if a sales system is broken?
  • [08:48] How not to communicate in sales?
  • [10:50] What to look for when listening in on a sales call?
  • [12:26] Steps to get better at managing?
  • [13:50] Multiple steps of Wes’ hiring process
  • [17:17] Importance of sales scripts
  • [19:30] What traits to look for in sales people?

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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.