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What are the best email subject lines for cold email outreach?

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What are the most effective B2B subject lines? The best subject line for cold emails should be short and to the point. Give a quick description of what you’re selling, and end with a question.

Questions naturally make us want to answer them, even if we’re not interested. Right? Thought so. So, when thinking of cold email subject lines, just keep those 2 very simple principles in mind.

Need a a concrete example?

Watch the video above to learn how to write a subject line that gets opened to book you meetings with B2B clients. While not the most important part of an email from an information standpoint, it’s the one that makes or breaks your email.

Most prospects will filter out their inboxes based on subject lines alone. You have to make them convincing, or you’ve got no chance. Good subject lines for cold emails won’t cut it, you need to be a pro.

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