Will Barron is the host of the Salesman Red podcast. Its goal is to help sales professionals close more deals but also to tackle the unspoken issues within the sales industry such as high levels of stress, the negative stereotype of the salesperson and long term success. Will doesn’t consider himself an “expert” or Guru”. Will is firstly and firmly a sales professional and asks the questions his audience wants to hear because he personally wants to know the answer too.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [02:30] How did Will get in sales with a background in chemistry?
  • [04:05] Why did Will start a podcast for salespeople?
  • [05:34] Is Will more of a salesman or a content creator at the moment?
  • [07:35] Why is sales content usually boring?
  • [08:33] How to tell if someone doesn’t have the necessary sales experience when talking to them?
  • [09:20] How does Will sell advertising for his podcast?
  • [10:46] What role do Facebook ads play in the sales process?
  • [12:30] How many listens does Will get on his podcast?
  • [13:03] How small was Will’s podcast when he started selling ad space?
  • [15:00] How did Will sell his first ad spot?
  • [16:45] Scripts Will used to reach out to companies
  • [17:32] What you need in an email to grab attention?
  • [18:28] Why mostly men listen to sales content?
  • [21:10] What is needed to sell advertisement?
  • [22:00] Why is consistent work ethic necessary to succeed in anything?
  • [27:10] What’s Will’s new podcast “Excited Science” about?
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