X27 Marketing is hiring! We’re looking for an extremely detail oriented manager who’s super passionate about tracking people’s progress, ensuring process is followed, and working with people to meet targets.

At any point in time, we have dozens of campaigns running, all at the same time, and we’re looking for someone to check on things and talk with people every week, to make sure no balls get dropped.

We’re expecting to need someone part-time to begin, but considering we bring on new client every month, this might transition to full time quite fast.

Click here to apply >> https://angel.co/experiment-27/jobs/510189-outreach-manager

What you’d do: 
* Onboard new clients and outreach/data team members 
* Work with clients to ensure we have all the info we need to do everything we need to do 
* Gather and add info to appropriate sheets, folders, and docs so everything is tracked 
* Respond to emails and resolve client requests or issues 
* Lead recurring calls with both members and clients every week (or every other week) to ensure everyone’s updated and on the same page 
* Do weekly quality checks, review results and troubleshoot any issues with the team on weekly 1-1s 
* Ensure tracking sheets are always up to date so you can pull together and send client updates 
* Manage and support team members to ensure they’re appropriately executing on strategies 
* Other tasks around communicating with clients and members so everything’s tracked, checked, and generating results.

* Great written and verbal communication skills are a must. No exceptions. 
* You want to work remotely but are live in the US 
* You understand sales and marketing. Big bonus if you’re great at either. 
* You’re super well organized. You don’t miss a single digit. Everything’s in its place. 
* You’re patient and work with people so they feel supported 
* You’re diplomatic and can represent us to our clients

Does that sound like you? Would love to talk!

We’re a dozen people strong, bootstrapped, and quickly growing. Lower starting salary, high potential for 2-3x as per the number of accounts you effectively manage.

Skills: Analytics & Reporting, Management, Project Management, Marketing Management, Quality Control, Client Relationship Management

Compensation: $18k – $36k 

No equity

Click here to apply: https://angel.co/experiment-27/jobs/510189-outreach-manager

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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.