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How to find Billion Dollar
Customers without Paid Ads

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Want To Generate Qualified Leads Without Paid Ads In Less Than 60 Days?

Everybody says you need LinkedIn, Facebook or Youtube ads to get customers, right? WRONG!

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After more than 5 years of experience in cold lead generation, X27 created a simple system to generate limitless leads on demand. Imagine closing your next $10K, $100K, or even $1M without spending a dime on paid ads. Follow the plan laid out for you here and in the next 30 to 60 short days, this could very well be your reality.

The truth is…

Most businesses don’t sell enough because they target companies that can’t afford them. Here at X27, we found that in order to sell more for your company, you need to target companies that can afford to pay you… in most cases, companies with over $5 million in revenue.

So we decided to share the hands-on system we used to generate over $100 million without paid ads, costly clicks, high tech or fancy videos.

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Introducing …

Email 10k


Generate qualified leads on demand whenever you like.

From identifying your target audience, deciding on the best price, developing a powerful sales offer, writing persuasive cold emails, to scaling and growing your business, Email 10K is the blueprint to help you close deals with your ideal target prospects and Fortune 500 companies.

How does it work?

Product and Business Setup (Valued at $1,997)

After this module you’ll know exactly how to make your business ideas a reality, virtually risk free. No case studies? No problem. You’ll learn how to develop prototypes lightning fast that prove your value.


You’ll have the knowledge to create no-brainer offers that get people to pull out their credit card, establish authority and credibility within your market, and set up the perfect framework for your business to drive consistent growth and increase margins over time.

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You helped us bring in over $100,000 within the first three months of implementing everything!! Best money I’ve ever spent

Alex Schreck

Email Lead Generation Mastery (Valued At $1,997)

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a cold email campaign from scratch, how to properly write a super personalized cold email script, what are the benchmarks you need to hit (open-rates, reply rates, etc), how to write follow-ups that are actually read, and much more. No cheesy closing lines, no sales tricks, and no manipulation techniques necessary.

Using our proven lead generation process, you and your marketing team will learn how to set clear expectations, correctly present unique selling propositions, propose realistic timelines, shake hands on financials, and close the deal with a perfect proposal.

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Thank you so much, if only my brain could work like yours. I’m still learning and I can see the progress. Had $3000 of work with an ad agency thanks to your method so, thanks

Sophie Palmier

Sales Mastery (Valued At $1,997)

If you want to improve your win rate, meet your annual sales goals, and maximize prices, you need to do what top sales performers do. This module will help you 2X your sales pipeline with relevant leads and facts about them, so you can conduct discovery calls and meetings that actually help you close deals.

You will have ready-made content for your specific sales process, and you can use this module to close 6-7 figure deals in 2 calls or less. We put our hearts into defining a sales strategy that works though over 5 years of testing every single sales methodology, negotiation tactic, and business development strategy under the sun.

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Last month I had my best month ever did 10.5k in sales and this month I’m at 16k already and will probably hit around 20-25k in this month.

Matthew Fabrico

Scaling and Growth (Valued At $1,997)

Spearhead your sales process with market-data-driven tactics and scale your business on the long run. Driving pipeline, reducing complex sales cycles, hiring a team using our hiring scripts, setting premium prices – this is what you’ll get in this module.

You’ll learn how to create a business model and design your organization in a way that easily scales in order to generate consistent revenue growth and avoid stall-points – all without adding a ton of extra cost or resources along the way.

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Course Summary

14 Chapters with clear action steps and a full hands-on strategy, so you can book meetings with ideal clients that are dying to buy from you.

Chapter 1 – Overview of the Email10k System (expand)

  • Introduction – Start Here
  • How to use this course
  • First Things First – Warm up your inbox
  • Alternative – Use Lemlist to automatically warm up your inbox
  • Overview – What is this Business? Whitelabeling? Including examples of major brands who do this
  • To those who’ve tried the other courses
  • Alternative – Use Lemlist to automatically warm up your inbox
  • This System Works – Our results from cold email
  • What you’ll learn in this course (besides cold email)

Chapter 2 – For New Entrepreneurs

  • New New Entrepreneurs Q&A – The Journey to Making Your First Dollar

Chapter 3 – Finding a Winning Business Idea

  • Validating the business – Finding a business idea, finding a hundred leads, and sending cold emails to see if the idea sells.
  • How to Find a Niche to Test in the Market
  • Top 10 Target Customers
  • How to Identify the Perfect Prospect
  • How to Attract High-End Clients
  • How to position your current case studies for Cold Email
  • Don’t Lie to Clients
  • How to Establish Authority and Credibility Within Your Market
  • Need Help?
  • No partners after a dozen calls. What to do?

Chapter 4 – Whitelabeling

  • Whitelabeling – Finding Partners
  • Whitelabeling Q&A

Chapter 5 – Lead Generation

  • What are the Golden Geese Companies?
  • All About Lead Buckets
  • Lead Buckets Examples – One for Each of the Popular Niches
  • Who to target in bigger organizations (How to find the right decision-maker)
  • Where to Find Leads
  • How to Use Uplead for finding Leads – Lead Generation Tool Review
  • How to Build the Initial Lead List

Chapter 6 – Finding Your Target Customer

  • What Are We Selling? Looking At Your Case Studies
  • Portfolio Best Practices – 3 Amazing Portfolio Examples… and One Terrible One
  • Who is the Right Contact & Where to Find Them

Chapter 7 – Setting Up Your Inbox

  • Free Tools to Find Emails
  • How to Get An Email Address That Doesn’t Bounce Back?
  • Tools You Need To Get Started
  • Setting Up The Tools

Chapter 8 – Creating a Cold Email Campaign

  • How to Create a Super Personalized Cold Email Script
  • How to properly tweak a cold email script – how often to improve
  • How to Write Custom First Lines
  • Don’t be lazy – send 20 tweaks 20 if not working
  • How do I get better at Copywriting Emails?
  • Sections of a Cold Email + Questions to Ask for Each Section
  • Industry Specific Email In-Depth: B2B SaaS
  • Industry Specific Email In-Depth: Marketing Agencies (B2B & B2C)
  • Industry Specific Email In-Depth: Lead Generation
  • Getting marked as spam? Try this

Chapter 9 – Following-Up

  • Why Follow up?
  • Follow Up Sequence Overview
  • How to write your own follow-ups?
  • Additional follow-up scripts to use
  • Sending Your First Cold Email Experiment
  • Sending Cold Email Campaigns with Lemlist
  • Benchmarks You Need to Hit: Open Rate, Reply Rate, Meeting Rate and Cold Email Optimization

Chapter 10 – Outsourcing 1-1

  • Overview – how to outsource your lead generation – what roles are needed?
  • Hiring assistant/project manager (including script)
  • Hiring lead generator (including script)
  • Sourcing Leads on Upwork Live, Posting, Hiring, Quality Checking, all via Screen Share
  • Hiring first line writer (including script)
  • Bonus Doc: Checking first-line quality, first lines + our notes
  • Hiring sales (including job posting)

Chapter 11 – Pricing and Offer Creation

  • Pricing 101: How to Find Out The Initial Price for Your Services
  • How to Create a “No-Brainer Offer”
  • How to improve your offer based on customer feedback
  • Other types of no-brainer offers
  • Case Study: How We Increased Our Prices from 2k to Over 100k in 6 Months
  • How to Structure Payments
  • How to Take Payments

Chapter 12 – The Sales Process

  • Overview of the Sales Process
  • Case study 1 – actual emails that lead to $2,000
  • Case study 2 – actual emails that lead to $29,000
  • Case study 3 – actual email back and forths that lead to $152,000
  • How to Approach A Discovery Call + Structure
  • Negotiating the price – how to make sure customers can pay
  • How to Approach A Proposal Review Call + Structure
  • How to Push The Deal Forward, Contract & Next Steps

Chapter 13 – Scaling from here

  • Congratulations! Scaling to 100k and Beyond

Chapter 14 – Q&A

What others have said about this course?

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I just did a Sunday sales call – followed the script this time based on the training and… $2,750.00 Paid instantly.

Tierra Wilson
case study quote icon

Thanks to your advice I was able to book meetings with the Polish branches of Honda and Proctor & Gamble!

Stan Rymkiewicz
case study quote icon

Just closed 6k from yesterday. I’m literally sitting here laughing. Such a beautiful follow up.

Pedram Ghozat

What is your team going to learn?

  • How to create a consistent flow of qualified leads every month.
  • How to create a no-brainer offer people can’t wait to buy from you.
  • How to get prospects and current clients interested in buying more.
  • How to write powerful emails that include copywriting fundamentals and a strong offer with your clear ROI statements.
  • How to ask better questions on sales calls.
  • How to sell based on the different personality types of prospects.
  • How to follow up over multiple mediums in the most effective way.
  • How to prepare proposals that prospects accept immediately.
  • How to go from a “wantrepreneur” playing business to an empire tycoon, fast.
  • How to write emails that get 5X better reply rates above industry average.
  • How to reduce the time from lead to proposal by over 50%.
  • How to find your ideal clients without paid ads.

You can easily use this system to test your business ideas with actual customers or sell premium and high-margin products and services. Email10k has a common-sense, customer-focused approach and will skyrocket your results year after year.

The same tactics helped our clients get meetings with:

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and close over $100,000,000 from new business
and from upsells in the past 5 years.

Meet The Founders

Robert Indries Co-Founder & CEO

Owner of 11 business generating 7-figures, interviewed for as an International Tycoon. He has also coached hundreds startups and established businesses on how to grow and scale, spoke in front of 10,000+ people on 3 continents and in 3 languages, and generated over $20,000,000 USD for his clients in the past year.

author avatar
author avatar
Alex Berman Co-Founder & CMO

Founded a 7-figure agency and has been featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur on Fire, Entrepreneur, and every other business magazine. He generated over $12 million in B2B sales and over $100 million in leads for his clients, helping them get onto the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies multiple years in a row.

Your Investment

Total Value $18,485

Yours TODAY at $997
  • 14 Chapters with Clear Action Steps on Business Setup, Cold Lead Generation, Sales Mastery, and Business Growth
  • 20+ Hours of World Class Content That Brings You Leads in Less than 60 Days
  • 10 Proven Cold Email Scripts To Get You Started Immediately
  • Follow-up Scripts to Make Sure Every Opportunity Is Dealt With Effectively
  • 4 Case Studies With Back and Forth Emails That Lead to 6 Figures Deals
  • Screenshots of Every Conversation on How to Close a $2,000, a $12,000 and Even a $150,000 Deal
  • Our Proposals and Contracts that Brought over 7 Figures in New Business for Our Companies
  • LIVE Demos with Alex Closing Deals and Answering Sales Objections, Step by Step
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+ 4 amazing bonuses (valued at $10K)

  • 1 Cold Calling Script To Book Meetings Over The Phone
  • First Line Email Checklist Document
  • Unlimited Consulting in The Best B2B Outreach Facebook Group
  • A 10-Step Framework To Generate Sales on Demand

What If This Doesn’t Work For Me?

In the unlikely event that you have taken action and the plan doesn’t deliver results, we’ll make it right, whether through additional consulting or other means.