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Learn How We Generated Over $100,000,000 For
Ourselves And Our Clients In 5 Years.

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Want to close $1MM+ in EXTRA revenue in the next 6 months?

X27 helps sales teams step up their game with fully hands-on sales training, getting them 3X better close rates and reducing their sales cycles by 50%.

reduced sale cycles
better close rates

Our past partners closed over $100MM in new B2B sales with deals ranging from $2K to $2MM+. This sales training will give your team the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to become the best sales performers they’re capable of.

The truth is…

It’s industry standard for the top 20% of salespeople to close 80% of new revenue. The remaining 80% of salespeople are struggling to even close the other 20%.

Such differences between top and bottom performers also tend to divide the team. Top performers are not challenged enough, and the bottom feels they can’t win. It’s a matter of time before competition swoops them up. This doesn’t have to be your reality.

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Introducing …

Institute of Sales


Our hands-on sales training program focuses on real behavior change and includes:

assessments, program customization & robust reinforcement

to ensure that your sales team learns and applies new skills, without taking away their personality.

The Institute of Sales will help your sales team improve their results as soon as Week 1.

We’ll have weekly checkups with every salesperson to keep the entire team focused and hungry.

Over time, all of the calls, messages, and training will have huge positive ripple effects across your entire team.

How does it work?

Laying The Groundwork

We start by gathering all the information on and thoroughly analyzing your current sales process and product range to ensure we are as knowledgeable in your offer as any of your current sales staff. This will also include the specific sales goals and KPIs that are expected of the various different sales roles.

In-depth assessments with each sales person to identify gaps and development opportunities. We coach every salesperson 1-1 in accordance with their personality.

We’ll also use DISC personality assessments to understand your sales staff’s personality and bring them to a place where they can naturally 2X their close rates.

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This has taken everything to another level for me. I’m at a place now where I can deliver results.

Benjamin Laudin, NCG Transmission Equipment, USA

Skills Based Training

Based on the assessment, we’ll use targeted training to close all skill gaps. The team will also have 24/7 access to all the industry-best, on-demand sales training materials they will ever need.

We then schedule 20-minute 1-1 deal progression calls every single week in which we go over the sales person’s pipeline, deals, proposals to make sure every single opportunity is dealt with effectively. If we need it, we can go up to 30-35 mins.

This personalized process will help your team eliminate bottlenecks and feel empowered, without taking away their personality.

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My first session was amazing, it helped me to get super clear about somethings that I simply could not see or was not seeing, that was blocking me. I was so grateful to have had that coaching session, it really feels like getting a hand up from someone who is much further ahead than you are, and can see things you can not.

Francis Boyle United States

Coaching and Reinforcement

Though your sales team will improve their output from as soon as day 3. We believe consistent growth is more important than just an initial spike. We’ll have daily checkups with every salesperson to keep the entire team focused and hungry.

We’ll also keep digging in deep on every single weekly call. Whenever we discuss and dissect sales calls, we always do so without violating any privacy regulations.

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Just wanted to say thank you! Last month had my best month ever and this month I will probably hit around double that. Plus now I feel I can generate appointments on demand. I just don’t have time now to handle all the meetings!

Matthew Fabrico United States

Celebrate Success and Expand for Longer Sales Cycles

We’ll have monthly team huddles to share successes and foster collaboration. You won’t have to worry about your top performer retention rate, as all the work we will be doing with your team will increase their morale and leaving you for the competition won’t ever be an attractive enough offer.

This will lead to growing existing accounts. We’ll teach your team how to successfully cross-sell, up-sell, and otherwise manage their accounts so consultants sell the full range of your services. As a side-effect, you’ll benefit from improved sales and business development processes leading to results such as 5X better reply rates and 3X better close rates.

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I just booked my first client fortune 500 in 9 days since I started using nothing but your content as my guide. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the training!

Patrick D. United States

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Course Summary

12 Chapters with clear action steps that close your team’s skills gap and significantly raise the bar for the entire team.

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Excellence (expand)

  • Overview Of Program
  • How To Get Most Value
  • Support And Guidance

Chapter 2 – A Winner’s Mindset (expand)

  • Treat Life Like A Game You Want To Win
  • The Difference Between Victims and Victors
  • How To Eliminate Complaining From Your Life
  • Get Into Peak State Every Single Day
  • Intense Effort And Relaxation
  • Better Planning And Preparation
  • Professional Accountability
  • Meaningful Incentives
  • Constant And Never-Ending Improvement

Chapter 3 – A Never-Ending Flow Of Leads (expand)

  • Abundant Lead Buckets
  • Getting To The Decision Makers
  • Copywriting Fundamentals
  • Writing Emails That Convert
  • Building Authority On LinkedIn
  • Standing Out On Twitter
  • Gathering Intel On Facebook

Chapter 4 – Winning The Sale From Day One (expand)

  • The Perfect Discovery Call
  • The Laws Of Effective Sales Meetings
  • Taking Control Of The Sales Cycle
  • Qualifying Every Single Prospect
  • Finding Real Pain Points
  • Have Prospects Sell Themselves
  • Agreeing On Time Frames
  • Uncovering Anxiety And Motivation
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Setting Crystal-Clear Next Steps

Chapter 5 – Stand Out From Your Competitors (expand)

  • Selling to People Not Companies
  • Personality Types
  • Dominant Tigers
  • Influent Monkeys
  • Stable Seals
  • Conscious Ants
  • Adapting Yourself
  • Adapting Your Sales Collateral

Chapter 6 – Proposals That Get Accepted (expand)

  • The Most Critical Follow-Up
  • Design Matters
  • Slides That Sell
  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • The Perfect Proposal
  • Unique Sales Propositions
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Social Proof And References
  • Shaking Hands On Financials
  • Proposing Realistic Timelines
  • Closing The DealChapter

Chapter 7 – Negotiating Better Outcomes (expand)

  • Unbeatable Logic
  • Humility And Politeness
  • Trading VS Giving
  • Value Anchoring
  • Mindful Listening
  • Value Over Price

Chapter 8 – Proper Conduct In Every Situation

  • Keeping Dignity
  • Having Enough Options
  • Maintaining Faith
  • Manners That Matter

Chapter 9 – Sales Pipeline Management

  • Tools Of The Trade
  • Truly Caring And Adding Value
  • Industry Events That Matter
  • Specificity And Becoming Knowledgeable
  • Follow-Ups
  • Meetings

Chapter 10 – Increasing Your Margins

  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Genuinely Solving Problems
  • Upselling Value
  • Cross-selling Solutions

Chapter 11 – Final Touches

  • How To Lose A Sale
  • A Note On Kindness
  • Who’s Always Right?
  • Welcome To Excellence

Chapter 12 – Monthly Q&As

What is your team going to learn?

  • How to get into a peak-performance state of mind every single day.
  • How to create a consistent flow of qualified leads every month.
  • How to get prospects and current clients interested in buying more.
  • How to conduct Discovery Calls that actually help them close deals.
  • How to get every single bit of information they need from every lead.
  • How to sell based on the different personality types of prospects.
  • How to follow up over multiple mediums in the most effective way.
  • How to prepare proposals that prospects accept immediately.
  • How to set expectations with client during the entire sales process.
  • How the team must conduct themselves to earn respect every time.
  • How each sales person can close 6-7-figure deals in 2 calls or less.
  • And Everything Else In Between. (2 PhDs Worth Of Training)

The hundreds of industry-best skills your sales staff will learn, combined with the hands-on 1-1 coaching and reinforcement we provide will generate outstanding outcomes for your company.

The same tactics helped our clients get meetings with:

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and close over $100,000,000 from new business
and from upsells in the past 5 years.

Meet The Founders

Robert Indries Co-Founder & CEO

Owner of 11 business generating 7-figures, interviewed for as an International Tycoon. He has also coached hundreds startups and established businesses on how to grow and scale, spoke in front of 10,000+ people on 3 continents and in 3 languages, and generated over $20,000,000 USD for his clients in the past year.

author avatar
author avatar
Alex Berman Co-Founder & CMO

Founded a 7-figure agency and has been featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur on Fire, Entrepreneur, and every other business magazine. He generated over $12 million in B2B sales and over $100 million in leads for his clients, helping them get onto the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies multiple years in a row.

Your Investment

Per Sales Person
  • Instant Access To All Training Materials
  • 60 Daily Email/Text Checkups with Q&A
  • 12 Weekly 1-1 Deal Progression Calls
  • 3 Monthly Team Huddles To Share Successes And Boost Team Morale
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Per Sales Person
  • Instant Access To All Training Materials
  • 240 Daily Email/Text Checkups with Q&A
  • 48 Weekly 1-1 Deal Progression Calls
  • 12 Monthly Team Huddles To Share Successes And Boost Team Morale
  • Certificates Sales Excellence After Program Completion
  • 40% Off Full Program With Yearly Pricing
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Optional Add-ons**
  1. On-site training sessions
  2. Hiring outstanding sales candidates
  3. Onboarding new staff
  4. Ramping up an entire new office/team
  5. Done-for-you lead generation

What If This Doesn’t Work For Me?

In the unlikely event that you have taken action and the plan doesn’t deliver results, we’ll make it right, whether through additional consulting or other means.