You know Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a bodybuilding champion, he starred in the movie Terminator where he played a robot that goes back in time to save the future, –actually, that was Terminator 2, in Terminator 1 he was the villain- international movie star.

Governor of California, he would be President if we didn’t block him by making illegal in the US for immigrants from being the President.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a total badass and he wrote this book called ‘Total Recall’, which I’ve read twice now in the last couple of months and he set himself for success brilliantly.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the Four Careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the four things he did in his life to set himself up.

The 4 Careers Of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

In life, you can do a million things without staying in one box, and that’s exactly what Arnold did and is proof of.

Career #1: Bodybuilding

He started out in Austria with no money and no connections and he just dreamed of moving to America his entire life.

He knew that the only way to do that was through bodybuilding because the United States is the house for the biggest bodybuilding competitions.

Arnold trained super hard and he went on to win more awards as bodybuilder like Mr. Olympia than any other person before him.

Then, he became the best bodybuilder in the world, moved to Venice, California because somebody in America sponsored him to do bodybuilding full-time. It was in that moment his first dream came true, and he was still under 30 years old.

He tells that he was working out in Venice and saw a lot of properties around because he was making a little bit of money as a bodybuilding champion, so this is when he started his second career.

Career #2: Real Estate

Arnold owns property all over L.A and probably all over the country but in the book he talks mostly about L.A.

He went out and bought cheap property and made a lot of money with that. He made so much money with real estate that by the time he went into his third career, he was already a millionaire.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 10 Rules For Success

He made millions from real estate, most people don’t know that and he actually goes into it in great detail in this book, which is one of the main reasons I recommend checking it out. The real estate thing was the biggest surprise for me.

Career #3: Movie Star

As a bodybuilding champion, he realizes he can’t be a bodybuilder forever, he sets himself into real estate mogul, he’s got all these buildings and he doesn’t want it to end.

Consequently, Arnold went out and started getting booked into films because he had such a good base income –this is the coolest part- that all he applied for was leading man and speaking parts roles.

Arnold wasn’t concerned for being an extra, not even a bad role would matter. As a result, ‘Hercules in New York’ was his first movie.

His big hit was ‘Conan The Barbarian’ and then Terminator, he’s been crushing it with these films ever since. Mostly, because he didn’t have to care about money because of his past two careers.

After reaching the movie star goal, he pursued his fourth career.

Career #4: Governor Of California

He realized that he didn’t have to worry about money from his other careers, so he engaged in a more fulfilling career as the Governor of California.

In 2003, Californians wanted to give an end to Gray Davis administration through a recall election. It was a huge competition, where 7 or 8 hundreds of people were running for Governor simultaneously.

Arnold won against all predictions. His first term was apparently very good, –I’m not going to get too into California’s politics because I’m not in California- his second term wasn’t very good but he still was Governor.

If it wasn’t for his foreign citizenship, I’m sure he would’ve ended up being the President of the United States, very similar to Reagan story.

Those are his four careers and now he’s coming back to being a movie star. He might do something completely different next, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example of not boxing yourself in, using one success to set yourself up for further success.

Using one start-up or one company to set yourself up for other companies. What are you waiting for?

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