So today we’ve got an email that came in, it was a comment on my Udemy course that teaches SaaS founders how to sell and
how to send cold emails.

The email mentioned was poorly optimized and today I decided to tear it down and create a very professional email template out of it for you to use.

Old email

Hi Alex,

I had a look at your course on Udemy and believe that it can add a lot of value to the students/professionals in the field of Marketing. I wanted to introduce you to a product from our company that may be highly beneficial to your students or to companies for which you provide consulting.

The VMEdu Cloud-Based Learning Management System can help you launch and manage your own training courses for free on your website. Additionally, you can also get your own free mobile app for your students. That will make it very easy for you to sell your training and create significant credibility for your training and consulting business.

SMstudy a product of VMEdu is the global accreditation body for Sales and Marketing certifications. It has authored the SMstudy® Guide, a comprehensive guide on Sales and Marketing, which can be used by any organization or individual to understand and excel in the domain of Sales and Marketing.

More importantly, your courses can also be made available to be sold by the whole VMEdu partner network of 950+ training companies, colleges, universities and companies in 50+ countries. This can also help you generate significant additional revenues. To learn more about the benefits of the VMEdu Authorized Content Partner program, visit VMEdu website and signup for FREE in our VACP Program.

Sign up for a FREE Account – and create/manage your courses in a few minutes. Visit

Please share your Email-Id and Skype-ID for further communication.

Best Regards,

Sambeet Mohapatra
Skype Id-sambeet.mohapatra9

What’s wrong with the email above?

The red colored phrase is the exact point where I got completely bored. The only reason I’m doing this is because this is a cold email teardown.

First, when I got this message, I didn’t understand what was going on and immediately bounce. So this guy is trying to get me
sign on to this platform which you know I’m fairly qualified. but the way he’s

However, the way he’s approaching it is all wrong and I’ll tell you something that you can do better so for first things first you definitely do not want to do this through Udemy. Why?

  1. I think it’s against their ToS.
  2. Because you can find an email address and go through that way.

For instance, basically all you do is search my name in the Udemy course and you’ll be able to find my website.

Most Udemy course teachers have a website somewhere and you can find the e-mail address that way.

I recommend starting with email or you can still send your Udemy messages if you’re more comfortable there though might be against the Terms of Service

Now let’s jump to the tuned-up version of the email.

New Email

SUBJECT: Hey Alex – awesome udemy course! Ever thought of going private?

Hi Alex,

Found your course on Udemy for sales & developers – it looks amazing! Especially interested in the section on guessing anyone’s email address.

I run growth over at VMEdu – basically we’re a SaaS platform that lets coaches list and manage their courses on their own sites. Think of us like a white-label Udemy that gives you full control – hosted on

Would love to either do a demo or send you a link to a free trial. Would you mind if I sent some more information?


Sambeet Mohapatra
Skype Id-sambeet.mohapatra9

Basically, all I did was changing the subject line, the first line, and some other elements. If you want to learn how to do this, check out this post.

Did you like the new email template? very professional don’t you think? Hopefully, it will serve you for your own cold emails!

I’m Alex Berman, thanks for reading!

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