Thomas Tancredi, co-founder of Dom & Tom reveals how helped him grow his company by 17% in 6 months. That’s right people, 1 million in closed business in just 6 months!

How it all started for?

In 2009, Dominic and I started a company called Dom & Tom, a digital services agency based in New York. We now have offices in Chicago, LA and New York.


What about your initial budget?

We started with Alex and X27 Marketing. We started we a $5,000 budget.

How Dom & Tom managed from that point?

We quickly doubled that (the budget). Over the first six months we probably generated over a million dollars leads which for a company of my size -and we are going about $6 – $8 million this year- is huge, very huge.

When you say 1 million dollars in leads does that mean 1 million in closed business?

Yes, I do. I’d recommend you to anyone honestly. I’d recommend you to anyone who is looking to grow their business, find quality leads, and understand their brand positioning so that people are clear about what their services are, what they are.

That was the short testimonial video I got from my friend Tom Tancredi. I wanted to show you this so you have an idea of the quality and reach of our services.

If you want to know more about how can you ask your clients for testimonials like this one, this post is for you.

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