In the first place, you have to know that: they’re Gonna Laugh At You. When I was elementary and middle school, they would always encourage the kids to come in costumes around Halloween. I was always scared because I always thought the idea to be a trick, and everybody would laugh at me.

Are They Laughing At You? What you have to do is…

This was a real fear that I had.

But this goes back to something a lot of people are scared with when it comes to entrepreneurship and it is the following sentence

“People are going to laugh at me”

It’s something that holds back a lot of people from sells, selling more and even from creating content in general, like YouTube videos.

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Whether they admit it or not, people are scared that others are going to laugh at them, criticize them, lose credibility or simply something bad is going to happen just by putting themselves out there for everyone to see.

Well, my only answer to that is… let them laugh!

People made fun of me as a kid, and they do it even now, even when I put a new video on Reddit, I receive a fair share of bad comments in the threads. At first, they felt really hurtful, but really:

It doesn’t matter.

This is the same mindset that you need to take when it comes to creating anything. So what if they laugh? Just keep doing it.

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I’ve been making YouTube videos now for more than 2 years. One of the things that had always held me back is this fear that people are going to laugh.

The thing you have to do is move on, move beyond it.

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