Zach Obront is a Canadian author, entrepreneur and public speaker who is the co-founder and Director of Marketing of Book in a Box, a book publishing services and media company which helps business professionals turn their ideas into professionally-published books. By surrounding you with a world-class team of publishing talent, their process takes you from idea to professionally published book in under 6 months.
In August 2014, Zach co-founded Book in a Box with author Tucker Max, serving as its COO while Max served as CEO. In August 2016, the two fired themselves from the company’s leadership to assume other roles, with Zach becoming the company’s director of marketing.
In this episode Zach shares the secrets of great CEO selection based on his experience with hiring a CEO for Book in a Box twice.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:00] Why did Zach remove himself from the leadership position in his own company?
  • [04:20] How Zach made that decision by challenging his own assumptions?
  • [06:10] How to adjust your mindset when bringing someone else in to lead the company?
  • [07:25] What to do when replacing the CEO doesn’t work out?
  • [08:40] How Zach appointed the last CEO of Book in a Box?
  • [10:20] How to figure out if you hired the right person in the first three months?
  • [14:28] What were some of the red flags when Zach hired his first CEO?
  • [16:20] How to set goals for the new CEO?
  • [23:00] How to instill confidence in someone who hires you?
  • [24:10] How to adapt new skills as CEO?
  • [25:27] What were some of the improvements Zach’s new CEO made?
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